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Public Relations and Strategic Communications ServicesPublic Relations

As part of SmartMark’s end-to-end Communications Solutions, the company prides itself on developing custom public relations, marketing and strategic communications programs based on individual needs of the client including:

  • Priorities – Does the company need more exposure in their individual industry? In the trade magazines? In the business media? Does the company need help translating their technology into a larger business value proposition?
  • Visibility – SmartMark specializes in the distribution of a company’s value proposition and excels at helping clients to stand out in a crowd by improving visibility in target markets and at industry events and trade shows.
  • Credibility– With tremendous industry expertise, SmartMark assists their clients with building the right influencer relationships, taking advantage of the right thought leadership opportunities and utilizing the right messaging to build industry credibility among their peers.
  • Launch – SmartMark specializes in creating corporate communications plans for companies launching themselves, new products or solutions.
  • Budget – SmartMark Communications provides counsel on how to maximize investment in advertising, at tradeshows, through marketing collateral and via managing media and analyst relationships.
  • Regional Exposure – Is the company looking for increasing U.S. visibility, building U.S. brand, increasing exposure in Europe or Asia? SmartMark offers strategic advisory and PR services in the global market.
  • Public Companies – SmartMark offers strategic advice on public disclosure of news, endorsements via analysts, and maintaining overall visibility in the public eye.

    • Pre-IPO – SmartMark works with companies seeking advice on how to boost or lower visibility pre-IPO.
    • Pre-or Post-Merger and Acquisition – SmartMark works with pre or post mergers to ensure the smooth communication of transition to the public through media and influencer channels.