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With the Internet now available at everyone’s fingertips, SmartMark Communications fully understands the value in utilizing social media outlets and applications to increase a company’s awareness in their industry. By incorporating social media strategies and tactics into overall communications campaigns, SmartMark has proven success in reaching and engaging with the right audience through social media, and ultimately increasing companies’ awareness within their industry. SmartMark is able to reinforce a company’s messaging and market positioning through the various social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.

Along with developing and spreading messages and news through social media, SmartMark provides social media monitoring and analysis to help companies to better understand their reach and awareness within these various online channels. By gathering and reviewing social media hits, SmartMark develops comprehensive reports that provide companies with feedback from their target audience. This comprehensive social media monitoring and reporting gives SmartMark the ability to identify and effectively manage a company’s perception within a given industry.