SmartMark CEO, Juliet Shavit, Links Music and IoT at TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

SmartMark CEO, Juliet Shavit, Links Music and IoT at TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

SmartMark CEO, Juliet Shavit, Links Music and IoT at TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

Shavit to focus on opportunities for collaboration between telecom service providers and the music industry

DALLAS, TX – June 5, 2017 – SmartMark Communications CEO and MusiComms Executive Director Juliet Shavit will be delivering a keynote address at the Telecom Industry Association (TIA) Connectivity Jam 2017 event in Dallas, Texas. The discussion, which will anchor TIA’s “Rock Star Keynote Lineup” as its final session, is titled “Music, IoT and Connectivity” and takes place on June 7, 2017 at 2:15pm.

Shavit, whose innovative work in the music and telecommunications industries has earned her global acclaim, will use the keynote to delve into how the most precious content available, music, has been vastly ignored by innovators in the communications industry while the race for video has been undeniable. The music industry, according to Shavit, is an industry ripe for disruption.

“Because content creators like songwriters and musicians suffer the most in the current streaming model, the need for change is dire,” said Shavit. “Yet this presents so many opportunities for operators as they seek ways to understand, manage and distribute new content to win customers over.”

The keynote will also touch on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality and culminate in a demo just in time for CMA Fest this week.

SmartMark Communications supports innovation in music through strategic partnerships like Breakthrough Music and is an active supporter of the MusiComms organization.

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