Industry transformation comes when technology disrupts an industry so significantly that business models are questioned and goals and processes that were always thought vital to day-to-day business, change. However, transformation is not fully possible without clear and consensus buy-in from industry stakeholders occurs. This includes, but is not limited to, government officials on both Federal and State levels, research analysts, and industry associations.

In many cases, policies and protocols may need to be updated or changed to provide for greater inclusion or newer opportunities. Business cases need to be drawn up and metrics need to be developed to justify new investments. That is where SmartMark comes in.

SmartMark is not a lobby firm. We are knowledgeable experts that can educate stakeholders on key issues that pertain to technology investments that benefit consumers. In regulated industries, this is critical.

As such, SmartMark performs a number of services in this area to support clients:

  • Analysis, research, and strategic consulting for government entities
  • Utility business case development
  • Development program execution of stakeholder plans
  • Stakeholder communications