Juliet Shavit to Keynote IIEA’s “Take Charge” Energy Conference in Dublin this Month

SmartMark CEO to Focus on the Role of the Customer in the Future of Energy

DUBLIN, IRELAND (November 1, 2017) — SmartMark Communications, a global leader in strategic communications and business innovation, announced today that its CEO, Juliet Shavit, will be keynoting the “Take Charge” energy conference in Dublin this month. The event is hosted by the Institute of International and European Affairs and ESB, Ireland’s largest energy provider.

Shavit will be speaking at 9:00 am on November 23, 2017 in The Round Room adjacent to the Mansion House in Dublin.

Shavit is a pioneer in the area of utility customer engagement and the founder of SmartEnergy IP™, a division within SmartMark Communications dedicated solely to smart grid customer education. Shavit has been instrumental in helping utilities, stakeholders and policy makers across the world understand the critical role customers play in technology investments and deployments.

“It is a great honor to be asked to speak by the IIEA on a subject that is close to my heart,” said Shavit. “It is more important than ever for utilities to understand the critical role customers play to technology investment. Technology for the sake of technology will never be enough — it is only by customers engaging with technology and fully understanding its benefits that we will see the fruits of these investments and a more sustainable and brighter energy future.”

To learn more about how SmartMark Communications is transforming the utility-customer relationship, visit www.smartmarkglobal.com.

About SmartMark Communications
For nearly two decades, SmartMark Communications has been a world leader in strategic communications, helping businesses emerge as leaders in the industries they perform. Today, SmartMark has expanded its services to include consumer strategy solutions for businesses looking to improve their overall customer experience. With end-to-end communications solutions under one roof including: public relations, marketing consulting, design and creative, interactive and web services, and market research, SmartMark remains the ideal partner for companies looking to take charge of their industries and lead the way through innovation.

About SmartEnergy IP™
SmartEnergy IP is a strategic communications and research organization within SmartMark Communications dedicated to helping articulate the benefits of energy technology investment and innovation for consumers. As utilities implement smart energy initiatives – from smart meters to dynamic pricing programs – there are ways to ensure that customers are best prepared to make smart energy choices and positively support these roll outs.

Furthermore, as utilities develop their roadmap for the future, SmartEnergy IP helps utilities and stakeholders define the technology and business requirements necessary to develop and implement customer-focused programs that benefit communities and meet policy goals.

For more information, visit: www.smartenergy-ip.com.

Kristin Marcell

SmartMark Communications, LLC