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Customer Experience

Education is not marketing. Education leads to understanding and meaningful engagement that improves the experience of the end user and the company's satisfaction.

We are masters at designing and implementing diverse activities that cross market segments and allow for impactful interaction and relationship development.

SmartMark's expertise spans all connected industries including telecommunications, cable, energy, music, and more.

With more than two decades of experience Iin the energy sector, SmartMark has become the leader in understanding, defining and designing the future of the utility-customer relationship. We understand the smart grid—both where it's come from and where it is going.

Today we are at the forefront of the grid-edge, designing programs that provide increased reliability and improved customer experience. We have advised policy makers and leading utilities on how to optimize innovation at the grid-edge by integrating new technologies that integrate distributed energy resources, reduce carbon emissions, and provide customer choice programs that incentivize energy reduction and utility program participation.

That is not a game, that is a science.

Customer Experience

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategy development (customer education plans)
  • Articulating benefits of customer-facing utility investments
  • Energy & energy efficiency education
  • Disaggregation
  • Time-based rates
  • Advertising strategy
  • User experience
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure education
  • Connectivity and energy integrated programs
  • Connected home technologies
  • Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS)

Our Focus Areas


SmartMark takes great pride in collaborating with a myriad of outstanding individuals. Within this platform, we are pleased to showcase narratives highlighting our numerous successes in partnership.

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