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SmartMark Communications owns SmartEnergy IP, a fully dedicated research organization specializing in market research as well as customized corporate research design and program implementation. We leverage both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to better understand the impact of your messaging, creative, and public decision making on target audiences.

We also understand the role that industry research, programmatic analytics, and metrics collection plays in successful program design and implementation, and value research as a core piece of our strategic planning across all services.


Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Research design
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Industry research and analysis
  • Program-based metrics designs
  • Metrics collection and presentation
  • Integration of data into stakeholder communications

Our Focus Areas


SmartMark takes great pride in collaborating with a myriad of outstanding individuals. Within this platform, we are pleased to showcase narratives highlighting our numerous successes in partnership.

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